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Personal, leadership and therapeutic coaching


in your work and relationships

Working with you to be more effective, influential and able to lead and make change successfully in your working and personal lives



I am an executive coach , supervisor and mentor and a personal ,couple and relationship coach.


Working at the boundary of coaching and therapy, my approach is reflective and relational
but action-oriented.

I offer : Executive/leadership coaching, Supervision and mentoring,
Couple and relationship coaching, Personal coaching.

I  will work in partnership with you to explore issues and dilemmas that confront you on your unique journey through life.  A positive approach to diversity and recognising where oppressive practice and racism may impact on you is an important part of how I work.


I coach at depth, aiming to improve your personal capacities  and your leadership capability:

strengthening what you already do well and improving those aspects where you struggle with finding yourself repeating the same old mistakes and behaviours over and over. 

- In couples or in relationships  exploring what might be stopping you have the relationship you want and what you might do to make change.


‘When I reached out to you I could never have imagined the depth and impact of our work together’.

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