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The style of work

 I will work in partnership with you to explore issues and dilemmas that confront you on your unique journey through life – who will see you in all your roles – leader, partner, parent, friend, colleague, family member.

​I work at depth.


We all need to find meaning and purpose. We need to wrestle a little with conventional ideas to understand what we are here for, what we want to contribute and the legacy we want to leave.


What matters is that I create the safe circumstances for people to explore deeply and creatively what shapes them and what is getting in the way.  I help people to respond honestly and dynamically even in challenging scenarios – bringing an awareness of the various roles they might take.  I am thinking about how to help my clients use all aspects of themselves much more creatively.


Identifying our strengths and skills and understanding the less attractive parts of ourselves will help us withstand what we will inevitably encounter through our work, relationships and life cycle. If we know ourselves well, understand ourselves or be committed to trying to find out, we can tackle whatever life throws at us, be more present, joyful, creative and inventive. 


I work with people in a holistic, soulful way, identifying how we gain strength through life and work events, crisis and struggle as well as being able to recognise the activities, interests and beauty that sustains us. Being clear about our skills and talents means we can translate that strength into an ability to reach our higher and creative potential.

Get in touch

Send me an email or visit my contact page.​

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