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For Leaders and aspirant leaders

A significant part of my work is intended to improve your leadership capability, strengthening what you already do well and improving those aspects where you struggle. Opportunities arise in exploring where  you feel puzzled by your own behaviour or find you have an inability to express yourself with clarity at the crucial moment. You may go along with things you don't want to or you may even object to. You may struggle to be clear with others about your expectations of them or to give or receive feedback.

When I am working with someone we are usually able to discover and tackle self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. I hope to help you align more fully with your values and what it is you really want to do. Sometimes it is helpful to explore a little about your family, stories or past trauma and understand its impact on you, your work.

I have worked with a number of people who have suffered under a new regime, a failed promotion,or following an unexpected inspection result - they may have lost their power and authority whether by making a serious mistake, or by being targeted and bullied in the organisation. I work to help people to rebuild their self-esteem, expand their choices and their careers.

These approaches have enabled people to obtain very senior positions and deliver improved services in challenging conditions but perhaps more importantly to do so in a way that is aligned to what they see as their purpose in life.

Tree Lined Path

Ill-health or bereavement or mental health issues in ourselves or our families may seriously knock us off course. Life does not always turn out as planned - marriage, divorce, death, illness and accidents happen and our circumstances can change radically.  I have experience of working in these situations where I have provided coaching , which contributes to helping people carry on productively and compassionately, finding ways to recover or rebalance as best they can.

I started out doing leadership and executive coaching but discovered if I worked at depth I could see how the personal obstacles people faced were very important and if this was explored with curiosity and respect people became freer, stronger and more agile and able to be creative and tackle whatever emerges productively; in other words they developed into highly effective, confident leaders.


For Supervision and Mentees


I offer supervision and mentoring in a number of different ways. As an experienced leader and executive coach and as a qualified supervisor, depending on your needs.

I work collaboratively with you to create a bespoke approach.  Beyond a reflective space I bring an aliveness and relationality to the task of supervision co-creating a sense of connection as we explore together the work you are doing.


I am passionate about extending your existing skills and qualities by being collegial, collaborative and cultivating a spirit of enquiry which nourishes you, explores your strengths and creativity whilst pushing productively at your edges and what may be blocking you.  All the while thinking of the needs of those you coach and discovering what you can take immediately into your coaching sessions.  This approach can bring change that is both transformational and catalytic in its impact whilst being fun and bringing a sense of mindful ease.


For Couples and those in relationships


I offer couple coaching and relationship facilitation. I also work  where their are relationship problems between adult members of  families.  This work is geared to what is going on in your relationship and what it is you want to achieve. It is true that to build happy relationships we need to know how to manage conflic but improvements will not stick if we only work with conflict.  We need to work on friendship, intimacy and shared meaning – to treat our relationship as an entity that needs care and attention.  Criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt can become part of how we communicate and they predict difficulty in all types of relationship. Softening our approach, taking responsibility, building appreciation, respect, humour and nurturing the positives all need to be developed. (Gottman)


As a coach I will support and guide you and be a source of optimism moving back and forth between life issues, world of personal history and hidden feelings.

I see developing myself as crucial to doing this work effectively and continue to seek training, guidance, supervision and therapy myself so that I am resourced, nourished and sustained. This expands the holistic nature of the offer. I bring a focus and inquiry into that part of ourselves that we cannot fully understand, our interconnected nature, and our connection with the universe, where we draw strength and coherence in these volatile and fragmented times. 

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