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Midlife journeying

Coaching with already experienced executives and leaders often brings to awareness that being in midlife enables us to reflect that life is pretty much a hero's/heroine's journey , with tasks to carry out and obstacles to be overcome. We have had highs and lows in personal and family life as well in our careers. Indeed we may have reached many of our career goals, we may be enjoying 'being in our flow' and having 'peak exeriences' or there may be disappointment and feeling on the edge. There are usually both sets of experience for most people. At the same time our children are growing up, some more successfully than others, our parents need us in ways that can be difficult to manage and come to terms with and relationships with partners are changing as well. Hence the recognition that life is a hero's/heroine's journey with all its twists and turns, is helpfully normalising.

Using coaching to think about who you are during these years, what other people sense about you, how they experience you;

How you feel about yourself;

How you keep yourself at your best - believing that this is an important endeavour, keeping learning, exploring new interests , revisiting old talents

Recovering from the body blows you will inevitably take in your leadership position and indeed in life itself

Taking risk with opportunities that might bring joy

This will all strengthen your capacity to lead and live life well.

These are some of the more personal aspects of the conversations I have in coaching -straightforward, friendly, no fancy language and the fact that we go a little deeper, a little outside the normal often gives the work an edge - the chance to make catalytic change.

If this interests you - I have some spaces at the moment for new clients. Please contact me at if you would like a taster session ( no charge) and we can discover if we would like to work together.

RB 20.05.24

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